A man was apprehended by armed police this lunchtime at Yelverton.  

Up to six police officers struggled to control the man before putting him in a police van and driving away.The incident took place on the grassy area in front of the parade of shops next to the roundabout and bus stops at about 2pm.  

About five marked police vehicles attended and locals waiting for buses or having their lunch reported the man being held by police.  He was surrounded by police and police dog handlers and ordered to lie on the ground. He complied and was walked to the police van.

An onlooker said: ‘I was sat down having my lunch when police all appeared in lots of cars. They jumped out with guns and told this man to lie in the ground – luckily he did or I don’t know what would’ve happened. Then they grabbed him and he was shouting about someone else. The police called him by his name. I was just having a quiet rest when it all blew up.'

There were reports the man had been drinking a bottle of wine.