YEAR 5 pupils at Okehampton Primary School learned about world war two last Monday, with a visit from 'Air Raid Warden' Neil Heasman.

Neil visited the school to teach children about life during the war and how people dealt with the Blitz.

Youngsters learned through role-play about the bombing raids and how ordinary people coped with them.

They worked in teams to learn about 'Air Raid Precautions', and put into practice what they had learned with an 'air raid' of their own.

Neil's visit was part of the day's lessons about the time period.

To get into the spirit of the day children dressed up in period clothing.

Neil works for The Time Travellers, an independent supplier of educational workshops on behalf of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.

His visit provided children with a chance to see up close vintage objects from the period, including helmets, an LP record player, and war propaganda posters.