The Tavistock and Lewdown Young Farmers clubs recently joined forces to participate in a game of Clawton’s blind drop against other young farmers clubs in the area.

The game sees participants in different groups bindfolded, dropped approximately two to three miles away from their return location and set with the task of finding their way back as fast as they can without being spotted on the way. Should a team be spotted, they incur a time penalty. The team with the quickest time wins.

Amy Lethbridge, chair of Lewdown Young Farmers, said: ‘Unfortunately the teams from Tavistock and Lewdown didn’t win but we had a lot of fun and luckily we didn’t get lost. We had our blindfolds removed when we were dropped out and had to make it back to the village hall in Clawton. We had our phones confiscated too. Clawton was hosting and some of their team members went round in cars trying to spot the others. We had to jump in hedges and hide everytime we saw them.

‘We were given other challenges too where we had to find random items such as holly, wool and a stick longer than the tallest person.’

This event was the first of a series of winter challenges against each other that the different groups of young farmers (also including Bradworthy, Buckland Brewe, Winkleigh and Woolsery) take it in turns to host. Lewdown will step up next, with a bingo event at Lewdown Victory Hall from 7.30pm, which is open for anyone to participate in, regardless of whether they are connected to the club. For more information about the event, head to: