Here we are in another New Year. The seasons seem to come around faster and faster as time moves inexorably onwards. I’m not sure whether to blame that on growing older, my attitude to life, or the ‘advances’ in technology and society that persuade us that pretty much anything can, and should, happen almost instantly!

How many ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ have you made this time round?... and how many have you already broken, or decided to break??!! Go on, be honest with yourselves!! 

Maybe you’ve reached the conclusion that they’re not worth making anyway, if you can never seem to keep them. For me, I guess the most common ‘failure’ is in not following up the note included in Christmas greetings to rarely-seen friends or family, which goes something like ‘It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other, we really must catch up soon, meet up for a cuppa or something’. 

Despite these negative responses, a new year can bring a stimulus for new beginnings. We all have occasions in our lives when these are thrust upon us, or willingly taken up. For example our progress through the education system (whichever way that happens), changes in our working lives, health, relationships or moving homes can all have deep and lasting impacts on us.

We have just celebrated Christmas, which marks the greatest ‘new beginning’ of all time. The one almighty, everlasting and unchanging God made Himself human, so that we can relate to Him and make a fresh start in our lives. If we turn around from our selfish and self-centred lifestyles, and acknowledge that Jesus, who has paid the ultimate penalty for all our wrongdoing, is our Lord, we can enjoy a new relationship with our loving, heavenly, Father God. Now that’s a new beginning that’s really worth pursuing!       

David King

Okehampton Baptist Church