Okehampton first team travelled down to Bodmin, excited for their first league game of the season. 

Eager to win, they quickly moved the ball into their attacking D, taking advantage of the ball hitting a Bodmin player’s foot, player of the match Alice Luke pushed the ball into the goal securing Oke’s first goal. 

With great saves by ‘keeper Laura Bazeley and Bodmin fighting back, any further goals in the first half were prevented keeping the score 1-0 at half time.

However, Oke’s great teamwork continued into the second half, with some good passing around the goal by Abby Cleave and Izzy Watt, Hannah Whiteley was able to hit the ball into the goal. 

Bodmin attacked back, after making a break and a having scramble within their attacking D with Oke’s strong defence, Nicky Pedrick and Kay Peerless, Bodmin were just able to secure their first goal. 

This motivated Okehampton even more, with Hannah Whitley dribbling the ball and manoeuvring it around the goalie to score her second goal of the game.

Further great attacking play by Freya Mindova-Sharp, Ali Newton and Rachel Mercer led to Louise Weller also scoring a goal for Okehampton.

With tensions running high nearing the end of the game a card was given to one of the players, putting Okehampton a player down for two minutes. 

And despite continued excellent defence from Nicky Bennie and a stop on the line by Izzie Thomas, Bodmin were just able to slip another goal in the final minutes, bringing the final score to 4-2. 

Next week the ladies’ firsts are at home, hosting St Austell in the 2pm push-back.