Rescuers braved wet and windy weather to help an injured walker who fell during a New Year's Eve walk on the moors.

The rescued man Andy Lock said: "A big thank you to the Tavistock Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team for stretchering me off the moor on New Year's Day. I would have been stuck without them. I have been operated on at Derriford Hospital for a quad tendon rupture."

Andy, from Plymouth, was on the moor with his wife Diane and child Rowan, aged ten.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (DSRT) from Tavistock were called out by Devon and Cornwall Police on the afternoon of December 31. Andy was walking with his family near Down Tor and had slipped off a rock shortly before 3.55pm and as the weather became increasingly wet and windy, the team were called upon to help with the recovery as it became darker.

Andy is a an adventurous outdoor instructor with Devon Army Cadets - a captain responsible for all first aid in Devon and a former special forces member in the British Amy

He added: "The Dartmoor Rescue Team was brilliant and well trained, I have always thought of joining them.

"From making the call to 999, they were with me 45 minutes later and treated me and stretchered me off an hour later. So, 1hour and 45 minutes in total - very good."

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Tavistock on callout to help police with rescuing injured walker Andy Lock
The rescue (Submitted)

The DSRT said the man's location was confirmed by PhoneFind app and the first team deployed at 4.40pm with an assessment of the casualty following.

A DSRT spokesman said: "The casualty's wife and child were escorted back to the rendezvous point, while a vacuum splint was applied to the casualty's injured knee. He was then packaged in a vacuum mattress and stretchered to the rendezvous point to be taken to Derriford Hospital accident and emergency department."