Children dressed up as their favourite book characters and enjoyed lots of book related activities for World Book Day from last Thursday onwards. With school strikes on the official 'World Book Day' on March 2 some schools postponed the event until Monday, March 6. Here is a selection of pictures from the schools in the Okehampton area.

Lily-Rose and Poppie (Submitted)
William and Lucy as Harry Potter characters (Submitted)
Aimee, Megan, Amelia and Lana as the lion, Dorothy, the scarecrow and the tin man from the Wizard of Oz (Submitted)
Clare Barton as Aliens love Underpants (Submitted)
Evy as girl from Paper Dolls
Evy from Okehampton Primary as Girl from Paper Dolls (Submitted)
Tobias and Jasper Wizard of Oz
Tobias and Jasper Wizard of Oz (Submitted)
Freya Votes for Women
Freya from Okehampton Primary 'Votes for Women' (Submitted)