A WARNING has been issued to parents of students in the Crediton area after an incident this morning, Friday, May 26.

Crediton secondary school, Queen Elizabeth’s School, issued the following earlier this evening.

It reads: “We've been informed that a Crediton primary school student reported being followed on the way to school this morning. 

“The student reported that a male in his 50s, with short grey hair, white top and beige shorts with large pockets, followed her from the bottom of Jockey Hill, up Deep Lane and up to Peoples Park.

“She reported when she sped up, so did he. She then met her friend who got her phone out and called her Mum. At this point the male ran off.

“The students are very shaken up. The information has been reported to the police.

“If students think they are being followed they should:

• Call the police on 999

• Keep calm

• Go where people are

• Get out their phone

“We'd like to remind students to consider their safety when out and about by themselves:

• Stay alert, and keep electronic devices turned down or off, so you can hear what's going around you 

• Stick to busy, well-lit roads, and avoid short cuts through alleyways

• Consider carrying a whistle or shrill alarm around their neck or on a key chain to warn off suspicious strangers

• When travelling by bus, try to use bus stops on busy roads

• Try and stay in a group or with a friend.”