AN open letter from Guy Opperman MP, the Minister for Roads and Local Transport, issued on Tuesday, January 23 could bring good news for motorists who use local roads.

Mr Opperman writes: “When utility company roadworks overrun, it’s motorists who pay the price with congestion, detours and longer journeys.

“We are consulting on plans to toughen fines for utility companies if they overrun and increase the penalties for operating without a licence. Proposals include using money the utility companies pay councils to “block off” the streets, and putting it into resurfacing and improving local roads.

“The result? We could generate £100 million extra each year to resurface roads and tackle potholes left behind by utility companies, while helping tackle congestion, cutting down journey times and make driving a bit easier. 

“This is part of the first series of measures delivered from the Government’s Plan for Drivers, a 30-point plan to support freedom to use your cars, curb unnecessary enforcement and back drivers. 

“This is just the latest boost for your readers who rely on our roads, who will also see the biggest ever funding increase of £8.3 billion to resurface local roads in England – improving the everyday journeys that so many people rely on.”